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Community Rules

Be kind Don't bully, abuse or harass other users. We do not condone rude or discriminatory actions.

Use an appropriate name and avatar Please try to avoid using special characters, emoji, obscenities in your profile. Impersonation is not allowed.

Use the chat properly Do not spam in any channels, as spamming makes everything messy. Use all channels as they are meant to be used (ex: no conversations in #memes). Also, please speak in English, but be considerate of people who speak other languages.

Don't advertise Don't advertise if the conversation doesn't pertain to the subject. You are allowed to advertise in #showcase.

Don't violate people's privacy Do not expose any other person's personal information (e.g. contact information, passwords) without that person's permission.

No illegal or disturbing content Piracy, sexual, gory or otherwise suspicious/illegal/disturbing content is not allowed. We do not condone suspicious or illegal discussions or activity.

Rules are subject to common sense These rules may not be comprehensive and the use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.